Career Coaching with Career Assessment

Helping you discover your unique strengths and passions so you can find your ideal career!

  • Have you ever wondered what your natural strengths are?
  • Do you think about the connection between your unique strengths, passions and your ideal career?
  • Have you ever wondered what career would be perfect for you?

Then Career Coaching with a Career Assessment May Be Just What You're Looking For!

The You Science assessment, provides fun brain games that allow you to learn more about your natural strengths and abilities, along with your personal interests.

You Science then combines all of this information to show you the professions others with similar strengths and interests tend to enjoy. Because it’s scientifically based, it takes the guesswork out of finding an ideal career.

Because the You Science assessment results are so comprehensive, they can be a bit overwhelming to sort through. That’s why having a personal coach can be so helpful!

Working with a coach allows you to get the most out of the assessment, by helping you effectively navigate all of the information and think through the options provided so you find the best career choice for you.

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