Justice plus Freedom wants to provide you with valuable tools and resources to help you live a life of greater clarity, express your creativity, and grow both personally and professionally so that you can achieve your dreams.

There are products and services to fit every budget. Check out some of the options below.

Coloring Books

Express your creativity, relieve stress, and be inspired to achieve your dreams as you work through this beautiful, hand-designed coloring book.

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Stress Busters Book

We've all experienced stress. Sometimes it feels like a daily companion. In this booklet, you'll learn 15 easy-to-use tips for relieving stress, so you can fully enjoy your life and more freely live out your dreams.

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Discover more about yourself and start turning your dreams into reality through a supportive relationship that helps you take action, stay accountable and move forward.

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Debriefing is the power of having someone fully listen to your story. Being heard will help you process and untangle specific experiences, and enable you to get out of your head and connect more fully with your heart.

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Virtual Transformation Tables

A Virtual Transformation Table provides you with the opportunity to learn and grow with other like-minded people. Together we will discuss specific values and encourage one another through accountability.

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Want to write your own book, or be a better leader? Check out the training page to learn about these courses that can help you  discover and live out your dreams .

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